1. What is the Joint Land Use Study?

A Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a tool funded and used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to evaluate the synergy between military installations and the neighboring civilian communities that host them. The JLUS focused on an evaluation of the compatibility of land use and development activity in civilian communities with air and ground operations, training, testing and power projection missions conducted at Fort Hood. The goal of this JLUS was to identify ways that Fort Hood and the neighboring civilian communities could work together cooperatively to encourage compatible growth and help to ensure the long term viability and sustainability of Fort Hood’s mission.

2. Why is the JLUS Important?

The military is constantly undergoing transformation to face today’s mission and training challenges. The JLUS helps to support this transformation by ensuring that new growth in the areas around Fort Hood does not interfere with the ability to carry out the U.S. Army's critical operations, training, testing and power projection missions at Fort Hood.

3. Will the Joint Land Use Study result in new or additional zoning requirements?

The JLUS does not directly result in any new or additional zoning or land use requirements.  It simply identifies the range of tools that a community may wish to consider to enhance land use compatibility after the Study is complete.  Land use regulations are only one of many options that a community might identify as being appropriate to their specific needs.  Potential options that the study may identify to enhance compatibility may also include less restrictive measures such as non-binding coordination agreements, signage indicating areas of where military impacts are likely to occur, or real estate disclosures to help inform buyers of the presence of high noise levels.  Which tools, if any, are implemented in the region are entirely up to the individual communities and their elected local government leaders, and are not dictated by the JLUS.

4. How can I participate and stay informed?

We welcome any and all input. Comments can be submitted to the consultant team at any time. See the 'Contact Us' page for details. Public meetings are being held throughout the JLUS process and advertised on this website.




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